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As part of Black History Month

Created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation the inaugural Halifax Black Film Festival is dedicated to Nova Scotia born civil rights icon Viola Desmond, Who in 1946 Took a brave stand at a segregated movie theater Nova Scotia . Desmond will be the face of the Canadian $ 10 bill in 2018. The event proudly est share of Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation.


The Halifax Black Film Festival, is glad to celebrate diversity within the black communities through films that matter.

Saturday, March 04, 2017 – 7PM - $20 in advance ($25 at the door)
Halifax Black Film Festival
Spatz Theatre
1855 Trollope St
Halifax (NS) Canada

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Official Selection:

  • 2016 Sundance Film Festival
  • 2016 Montreal International Black Film Festival

The first documentary about Dr. Maya Angelou. As friends from Dr. Angelou’s inner circle, we have been granted remarkable and unmatched access to Dr. Angelou’s life. The Maya Angelou Documentary will reflect on how the events of history, culture, and the arts shaped Dr. Angelou’s life and how she, in turn, helped shape our own worldview through her autobiographical literature and activism. We hope to shed light on the untold aspects of her life and educate audiences about her story.

Price: 20$ in advance

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Featured guests

  • Rita Coburn Whack

    Director of Maya Angelou

  • Fabienne Colas

    Host and Founder HBFF

  • Viola Desmond

    National Hero and Activist


We will be happy to welcome you to the inaugural Halifax Black Film Festival. The accreditation card is granted to critics, photo-reporters and journalists covering cultural events on a regular basis.

On this website please find more info about the other black films Festival organized by the FFC (Montreal Black Film Festival and Toronto Black Film Festival) including press releases, press conferences and interviews…

Our press department can help you arrange interviews with the Festival production team, programmers, filmmakers, and honorary guests… We will do our best to accommodate all requests whenever it’s possible. To meet press deadlines, please send us your request as long in advance as you possibly can.

For any inquiries please contact our publicist, Wendy Phillips: wendy@pprl.ca

For further information on the Halifax Black Film Festival, please contact: info@halifaxblackfilm.com

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About the Halifax Black Film Festival
Who we are

Presented by TD, the Halifax Black Film Festival (HBFF) will host its first edition in March 2017 celebrating of Black History Month. This Festival is dedicated to giving unique voices in cinema the opportunity to present audiences with new ways of looking at the world. A dynamic, refreshing and audacious Festival whose ambition is to encourage the development of the independent film industry and to promote more films on the reality of Black people from around the Globe.

The Halifax Black Film Festival, is glad to celebrate diversity within the black communities through films that matter. Films illuminate, entertain and invite audiences to see the world from another person’s experience. When connecting black films with viewers all colours and ethnic origins we recognize the differences that make us unique and celebrate the shared values that bring us together. Coming together through art allows members of all cultural communities to better understand one another.

The HBFF is created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation (FCF) which also founded the Montreal International Black Film Festival - Canada’s largest black film Festival - as well as the Toronto Black Film Festival. After 12 years of spreading diversity on screen in Montreal and 5 years in Toronto, the FCF wanted to bring this great Festival to Halifax which holds one of Canada’s largest Black communities.

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Fabienne Colas Foundation

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Fabienne Colas

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Emile Castonguay

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Sarah Vulcain

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Wendy Phillips

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