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“The smallest action is better than the greatest intention!”

Black artists are the most marginalized and disenfranchised artists groups in the country. We need your help today to better support them in these tough times.

Support the Halifax Black Film Festival and the Fabienne Colas Foundation’s Youth & Diversity Program’s BEING BLACK IN CANADA project, which allows 5 to 10 underserved emerging Black Filmmakers in Halifax to create their first short documentaries. The program provides FREE training, mentorship, professional equipment, editing studios, professional crews to assist them from beginning to the end of their filmmaking process. Then, we premiere their films to the Halifax, Toronto, and Montreal Black Film Festivals.

Your donation will help make their dream come true and foster inclusion of diversity off and on screen! Though we cannot provide a charity receipt, we appreciate your tremendous support which will help make a big impact.

Together we can create a more just society where Diversity, our city’s key asset, is valued, encouraged, and celebrated.