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Part of the Fabienne Colas Foundation’s Youth and Diversity Program and supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, this program has offered professional mentorship to 5 emerging black filmmakers, 18 to 30 years old, in the production of a short documentary with the theme of “Being Black in Halifax.” They addressed the issue of social integration of people from black communities in Halifax through film. These 4 promising filmmakers were guided through the many steps in audiovisual production from screenwriting, directing and editing, to post-production and more, with the end goal being to create their first and very own documentary shorts. This process was carried out under the professional tutelage of filmmaker Juanita Peters. The participants will be presented at the #HBFF19.



I had so much pleasure directing my #JourneyToSelfLove documentary with the Halifax Black Film Festival. It’s not often that these opportunities come to life. I’d love to be apart of the film industry as a Director and Producer; capturing heartfelt stories to make a difference and travelling around the world spreading messages of change and resilience. I hope to also reflect these passions of mine in my own documentary coming soon.


My film is about how my dad; sister and I are the only 3 people in Canada that have a rare bone disease and how my family are getting through it. This opportunity is a lot to me because hopefully getting our story out will help others that might have this anywhere in the world. I want to be in Film and Animation industry because I find it very interesting. Being able to make your ideas and creations come to life is a very awesome feeling.


Francesca is a writer, filmmaker, and visual artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Her work explores themes of belonging, faith, family, queerness, consumption, and loneliness. She created 'Black In Halifax,' an interview style documentary series exploring the stories of black people living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her short documentary for the 'Being Black in Halifax' program through the Halifax Black Film Fest, examines how black artists across mediums find belonging and community through their craft. She aspires to have the privilege of telling more moving, engaging, provocative, and urgent stories and is thrilled to use the skills and connections she's received through the program.


I was brought up in a typical Nigerian family and I've lived in three different countries. I now call Nova Scotia home. My love for visual arts is undoubtedly 100% real. I love to express myself in everything I do and the only way I do it is visually. Working with the Halifax black film festival open my eyes to the real film-making industry. And this will help me be the best filmmaker I can be.

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